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Tasbih Meditation & Prayer Beads by LRV

Tasbih Meditation & Prayer Beads by LRV

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At LuxuryRVisible, we only aim to gift you the most amazing and extravagant pieces. Coming in different shapes and sizes yet satisfying everyone's needs

Beautiful WHITE with glossy AMBER stripes on each bead. To top it off, an amazing brass strip across each bead

Here we have an amazing piece,

Prayer Beads / Tesbih with strips of brass across the centre of the beads

This piece was carefully and delicately Hand Crafted to its most unique format.

Each bead is carefully made to an exact match,

This is an absolute work of art.

Reliefs stress and prevents bad habits,



Inlaid Material: Genuine Brass
Beads Count: 33
Beads Size: 7 mm x 7 mm
Total Length 30 cm
Weight: 19.00 grams

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