About us

Here at Luxury R Visible we take our time in choosing what to present, Unique & Master hand craft is where we separate us from others, this is totally based on workmanship we present.

Our very fine Handcraft pieces is made by our (Luxury R Visible) most respected Masters with over 30 years of experience.

We found & teamed with those who love what they do and amaze people with their craftsmanship. New designs, Simple but elegant & Traditional but breath taking is what we concentrate on.

Custom & Personalised is another option you can for sure get in touch to make your dreams or ideas come TRUE with Luxury R Visible.

These masters spend time day in day out to execute the most exquisite tasbih, tasbihs, misbaha, prayer beads, tesbih, gemstone jewellery with precision.

From start to finish a handcrafted piece from our LRV master hand Crafters themselves.