About us

The only Prayer beads & Tasbih crafter Based in UK,  

LRV collections are crafted to meet everyone's expectations & beliefs. This includes Spiritual, Meditation, Healing, Stress relief & many more to list.

LRV difference:

* Master Craft Unique Jewellery

* Modern - Vintage - One of a Kind

* Worldwide Dedicated Masters

* Personalising 

* Customising 

* Bespoke

More than just Jewellery.

Here at Luxury R Visible we do our best to provide & craft the most Unique & Master pieces, this is where we separate us from others.

Our very fine Handcraft pieces is made by our most respected Masters with over 30 years of experience from around the world.

We found & teamed with those who love what they do and amaze people with their craftsmanship. New designs, Simple but elegant & Traditional but breath taking is what we concentrate on.

Custom & Personalised is another option you can for sure get in touch to make your dreams or ideas come TRUE with Luxury R Visible.

These masters spend time day in day out to execute the most exquisite, tasbih, misbaha, mala, prayer beads & gemstone jewellery with precision.

From start to finish a handcrafted piece from our LRV master.