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Hand Crafted Cylinder Prayer & Meditation Beads UK353K

Hand Crafted Cylinder Prayer & Meditation Beads UK353K

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Unique, Rare, Outstanding finish by LRV Masters.

Master Hand craft design on it's IMAME & Tassel,

just fabulous. 

Fabulous Cylinder cut beads with the gorgeous 
OCEAN BLUE colour.

The tassel was a total challenge, carefully crafting 3 
beads in smaller sizes, then making sure to ad an adjuster

which you can adjuster the tightness/gap between the beads.

This is what SYSTEM tassel is.

Dazzling Transparency in light, 

The end result as never seen before. 

Amazing variation of colour explosion, this beautiful 
piece is a formation of such by far the 
most unique.

Beads Material: Amber & Phenolic Resins
Tassel Material: Amber & Phenolic Resins
Beads Count: 33
Individual Beads Size: 9.6 x 11.3 mm (-/+ 0.3)
Total Weight: 32 gr (+/- 10%)
Total length (including tassel): 34 cm



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