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Master Handcrafted Kuka-Koka TESBIH UK620

Master Handcrafted Kuka-Koka TESBIH UK620

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BLACK mixed with hints of BURGUNDY along with SILVER patterns on each bead.
This finishing touch has been created by our LRV masters,
to add a sleek and elegant finish.

Here is a Master Hand Craft piece,
Koka trees is known to be one of the oldest trees still existing,
believed to still have Healing abilities.

Tactile Qualities Relaxing and Smooth

An authentic gift for yourself or important ones with 33 beads,
The long piece marking the beginning of the string is called “imame”.


Beads Material: Kuka - Koka
Inlaid Material: 
Beads Count: 33
Beads Size: 8 mm x 8 mm 
Total Length 29 cm 
Weight: 14.00 grams 

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