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Black & Transparent Prayer Beads, Kehribar Tesbih

Black & Transparent Prayer Beads, Kehribar Tesbih

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BLACK with slight hints of transparency on some beads,
amber resin ATES KEHRIBAR TESBIH, handmade copper tassel with zircon stone,
beautiful piece created by our LRV masters.

Beads Material: Phenolic plastic
Tassel Material: Silver coated
Beads Count: 33
Individual Beads Size: 11 x 7 mm (-/+ 0.3)
Total Weight: 18 gr (+/- 10%)
Total length (including tassel): 32 cm (+/-10%)

If you’re looking to deepen your spiritual practice, then this black and transparent prayer beads can be incredibly beneficial to incorporate into your routine. This can be used in many different faiths and cultures 

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