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Amber Tone Prayer & Stress Relief Beads - Tasbih

Amber Tone Prayer & Stress Relief Beads - Tasbih

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AMBER coloured, pressed amber resins, SIKMA KEHRIBAR,
Gorgeous swirls and brush stroke effects to add more beauty to the product,
created by our own master handcrafters at LRV

Amber tone prayer beads are a set of prayer beads from a long-forgotten era. No one knows how old they are, but the wearer can use them to invoke a sense of peace and a sense of a higher power.

Beads Material: Phenolic plastic
Tassel Material: Silver coated
Beads Count: 17
Individual Beads Size: 14 x 14 mm (-/+ 0.3)
Total Weight: 19 gr (+/- 10%)
Total length (including tassel): 15 cm (+/-10%)

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