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Crafted Juniper Prayer Bead, outstanding Tasbih - Tesbih

Crafted Juniper Prayer Bead, outstanding Tasbih - Tesbih

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This very Unique piece has been Master crafted into Barrel shapes,
once again this is a rare piece which doe not existing due to its design.

You can just clearly see the gorgeous white vain lines in its natural self.  

The beads will take a turn in change of colour
from darker Yellow to the a beautiful dark Purple
within its aging period,
clearly making its point of an authentic material.

Juniperus drupacea, the Syrian juniper,
is a species of juniper native to the eastern Mediterranean region
from southern Greece (Parnon Oros, Peloponnese), southern Turkey, western Syria, and Lebanon,
growing on rocky sites from 800–1700 m altitude.


Beads Material: Juniper drupacea / ANDIZ
Tassel Material: Juniper drupacea / ANDIZ
Beads Count: 33
Individual Beads Size: 11.5 x 9 mm (-/+ 0.3)
Total Weight: 22 gr (+/- 10%)
Total length (including tassel): 35 cm (+/- %10)
Tactile Qualities: Pleasant and Smooth

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