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Black & Yellow Combo Prayer Beads by LRV

Black & Yellow Combo Prayer Beads by LRV

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Sikma & Ates Kehribar's amazing blend of OLIVE colours,
an awesome combination of Shine-Transparent & Non-Transparent.
Each prayer bead as its own distinctive character, this is an unique
blend of both gorgeous effects.

Black and yellow combo Prayer beads are an extremely popular spiritual tool in many traditions around the world, including those of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. While most people use them for counting prayer repetitions (which is why they’re often known as prayer counters), prayer beads can be used for so much more than i-e it can be use for style purpose as well.

This prayer bead is different from the rest having its
beads in a pressed flat style yet still amazing round.

Beads Material: Phenolic plastic
Tassel Material: Silver coated
Beads Count: 33
Individual Beads Size: 10 x 8 mm (-/+ 0.3)
Total Weight: 30 gr (+/- 10%)
Total length (including tassel): 29 cm

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