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Zebra Jasper Gemstone Bracelet by LRV

Zebra Jasper Gemstone Bracelet by LRV

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At LuxuryRVisible, we only aim to gift you the most amazing and extravagant pieces. Coming in different shapes and sizes yet satisfying everyone's needs

Zebra Jasper is a black and white stone with speckles of brown. The natural patterning of the stone resembles the stripes of a zebra.

This stone is considered to be a type of jasper, which is a type of quartz.This makes it a grounding stone, which can be used to relieve stress and worry.

Colour: Black & White

Stone(s) used: Zebra Jasper

Health benefit: Stability and Balance

Bracelet size: 19cm/7.5 inches (Elastic/Adjustable)

Healing with Zebra Jasper 

holds the energy of balance, uniting the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. It also balances the chakras, and the physical, intellectual, emotional and etheric bodies. ... Jasper can ward of negativity, and transmute dense energies into higher frequencies.

Each bead is unique, with the colors reflecting the natural light in different ways. The beads are made with one string, which can be used to count prayers. The beads are durable and smooth, making them easy to hold.

Our design & colour combinations are totally uniquely executed by LRV Masters.

LRV collections are crafted to meet everyone's expectations & beliefs. This includes Spiritual, Meditation, Healing, Stress relief & many more to list.

LRV difference:

  • Master Craft Unique Jewellery
  • Modern - Vintage - One of a Kind
  • Worldwide Dedicated Masters
  • Personalising 
  • Customising 
  • Bespoke

You Deserve it.

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