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Black Hematite Gemstone Bracelet

Black Hematite Gemstone Bracelet

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At LuxuryRVisible, we only aim to gift you the most amazing and extravagant pieces. Coming in different shapes and sizes yet satisfying everyone's needs.

This beautiful hematite gemstone bracelet is the perfect accessory for Men and women. This bracelet is composed of six individual gemstones and a clasp closure. The clasp closure is easy to use and adjustable, so it will fit any wrist size.

Colour: Black

Stone(s) used: Hematite

Health benefit: balances energy

Bracelet size: 18cm/7 inches (Elastic/Adjustable)

Hematite stones have an excellent grounding and balancing energy. They have a highly protective energy and are good to help women who lack courage. They are powerful aids to stimulate the mind, will heighten self confidence, willpower and self esteem and are known for their action to provide pain relief

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