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Aged Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet

Aged Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet

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Here we have an authentic rare cut master piece. 

This Bracelet is estimated 3+ years old. 
With each stone having a unique but natural shape
Baltic Amber Bracelet, each bead shows its natural 

This stunning bracelet is made of authentic amber, which is said to be the stone of royalty. The stones bracelet features natural stones of varying colors and sizes.

Gemstone Material: Baltic Amber
Stone Count: 60
Total Weight: 10 gr (+/- 10%)
Total length (wrist size): 3.8 inch

An amazing combination of style & formation makes 
this bracelet stand out from the rest. 

Made with elastic white string.

Different stones bracelet is perfect for anyone who is interested in natural beauty.

Baltic amber relieves pain and inflammation: 

Baltic amber is not a painkiller in itself; succinic acid
is the active compound found in amber that has analgesic
properties where it can assist in pain relief.

Baltic amber contains around 3-8% succinic acid and has
been studied for years in contemporary medicine. The highest
concentration of succinic acid is found in the amber
cortex--the outermost layer of the stone. 

When you wear Baltic amber, trace oils from the resin are 
absorbed through your skin as it heats to your body temperature.
This allows the amber’s acid to enter your bloodstream leading
to maximum therapeutic benefit.

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