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What is Meditation Bracelet Beads? How to use Meditation Beads?

If you practice yoga or you meditate on a regular basis, you might have head of meditation bracelets before.

A meditation bracelet is basically a form of prayer bead. For many centuries, prayer beads have been used by different religions, including Hinduism and even Catholicism.

These days, prayer beads are often used as an aid for mindfulness with no religious affiliations. By tradition, prayer beads include up to 108 beads as well as a guru bead that is bigger than the other beads and usually with a tassel.

There are actually a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you wear and use these meditation tools. If you are searching for yoga Meditation jewelry near me, you will surely love to know how you can use these items to the fullest.

Use Meditation Bracelets for Focus

Even though you might not be a hardcore practitioner of meditation, a meditation bracelet is an amazing tool that you can use to improve your concentration.

Meditation bracelets were originally made more than a thousand years ago with the purpose of helping the wearer during prayer. These function like the rosary for counting mantras. Mantras are devotional affirmations that are spoken out loud.

gemstones - Beads - Prayer - Tesbih London - Uk jewellery - Islamic - Meditation - Healing stones - Tasbih - Mala

Many meditation bracelets that you can find in jewelery stores London don’t necessarily have religious connotation, which means that these can be worn by people of various faiths from different parts of the world. You can also use your meditation bracelet in your day to day life in any occasion.

For instance, you can count your meditation bracelet when you are at a long meeting and you want to stay focused, if you are in the classroom, you are on an important conversation over the phone, you are stuck in traffic, or you are praying for a miracle to happen.

Use Meditation Bracelets to Set Intentions and Benefit from Gemstones

Meditation bracelets can also be used to harness the healing powers of gemstones for setting intentions. These bracelets can be made using genuine gemstones so that the wearer can take advantage of them.

The gemstones are made using energetic materials that can repel and attract various energies that depend on the specific gemstone used. There are certain gemstones used for peace, abundance, healing, and love. There are also those that are meant to help in healing one or all chakras.

However, it is still important to remember that these gemstones won’t do all work on your behalf. It is still important that you set your intentions and ask for the things that you want in this world. Intentions are aims or purposes.

To set your intention, it can be something like a simple thought before you pray, meditate, or whatever time of the day it might be. It will state what you want to work for and what you want your life to manifest.

Using Meditation Bracelets for Fashion

Today’s fashion is now starting to move towards a lifestyle that is noticeably more conscious. Meditation beads will not only make you feel great but will even make you look great at the same time. They boast of wonderful designs that you will be proud to show off to the rest of the world.

There are now numerous jewellery shops online but be sure to shop for your meditation bracelets from the best beads shop near me.

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