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Facts You Should Know About Islamic Prayer Beads

Islamic prayer beads have been used in various parts of the world for centuries. This is due to their spiritual meanings and significance. The problem is that most people don’t really understand much about prayer beads despite using them. This has only contributed in reducing their values to a great extent. The truth is that when you don’t understand something, it becomes difficult using it to its full potentials.


The major aim of this post is to help you understand some facts about Islamic prayer beads. You will soon find out why TESBIH and other beads are important in the Islamic community.


Fact 1: They are a major instrument of worship

Islamic prayer beads are instruments used during worship and prayer sessions. They are the means through which Muslims all over the world communicate to Allah. For instance, a string of tesbih consists of 33 beads. These are used majorly for counting purposes like allahhuekbar, Elhamdulillah, and Subhanallah.


In the same vein, tesbih is usually made up of 100 beads. In a place like Turkey, they are known to have some spiritual significance when used during worships. For instance, it is used in the glorification of Allah (God) in Islam. Another significance of tesbih beads as claimed by most Muslims is that they help to boost their spiritual concentration. There are people who believe that holding these Islamic prayer beads while praying implies transmission of feelings and thoughts into them (the beads).  


There are Islamic scholars who have explained that using prayer tesbihane or kehribar kolye prayer beads gives them the rare chance of explaining their feelings to Allah. In other words, this wouldn’t have been possible without such beads.


Fact 2: Their soothing effects

There are lots of Muslim and Islamic scholars who have recommended the use of tesbihane prayer beads. This is because they have been known to provide “unimaginable and divine” peace. These beads have the potentials of helping to make you feel relaxed during troubled times. It doesn’t really matter whether you have decided to use prayer beads made with gems or diamonds as the results are always the same.


Tesbih prayer beads have long been known to help people communicate freely with their creator, Allah. The Muslims strongly believe in how it can help establish a solid relationship between them and Allah. Most times, they are known as “worry beads”. The reason for this is that owning and making use of them makes someone’s mind to be free of every possible challenge that life has got to offer.



Based on the above, it is obvious that Islamic prayer beads have some spiritual significance which most people aren’t aware of. The secret is using yours and trying to concentrate as expected during prayer sessions. You can purchase such beads from reputable stores on the internet without leaving your home. However, it is expected that you are very careful in such process. This is because there are lots of low-quality beads online.

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