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Shopping for Gemstones - Gemstone Shop Near Me? FAQ

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for gemstone suppliers UK to shop for an amethyst or a fine ruby. There are many important things you should know first before you finalize your purchase of healing stones jewellery.

How can you be so sure that what you will get is the real thing? Do you know the numerous gem treatments that can change a gemstone’s appearance? There are several treatments that can greatly affect the value of a gemstone.

Common Gemstone Enhancements

Gemstones come out the ground in the form of rough crystal. These are then polished and cut to reveal their true beauty. Aside from gem cutting or lapidary, most gemstones are usually subjected to different treatments that will improve, enhance, or radically alter their appearance.

Reputable jewellery shops online must always inform you of the specific types of treatments that the gem has gone through. It is one of the most important factors you need to consider. It is rare to find natural untreated gemstones and there are certain mineral varieties that are impossible to find.

If ever someone tries to sell a natural untreated gemstone to you, expect that the price will reflect its rarity. The most common forms of treatments for gemstones include irradiation, heat treatment, fracture filling, and diffusion.

Country of Origin

Asking about the country of origin of a gemstone is also of particular importance when the seller represents fair trade gemstones. As of the moment, there is actually no such thing as an official certification for fair trade in the industry of gemstones.

When you inquire about the chain of custody, this basically means asking the supplier to tell you the location where the specific gemstone was originally mined, where it was polished and cut, and where this was set into the piece of jewelry if applicable. Jewelery stores London that represent fair trade gemstones must have their answers ready for such crucial questions.


When the jewellery shop near me gives you an appraisal to come with your gemstone, you also need to inquire if a third party or the seller itself carried out the appraisal. Most of the time, appraisals are used for the purpose of insurance and represent the fair market price that the buyer can expect to pay for the described goods.

Gem suppliers that offer to sell you gems and promise to appraise it much higher compared to the selling price must be able to give you an appraisal carried out by someone who doesn’t benefit from the gemstone’s sale. If you will get an appraisal for the purchase of the gemstone, don’t forget to inquire if a third party has done the appraisal.

Buy Your Gemstones with Complete Confidence

Finding the best and most reliable healing crystal shop near me will give you the full confidence that you will get only the highest quality of gemstones. This way, you can make the most out of your money and enjoy your gemstones to the fullest.

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