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All You Need To Know About Jasper!!

The Stone

The term Jasper means painted or speckled stone and you can appreciate why when you see the enormous variety of gemstones appearing under this name. The swirling designs, the flecks of colour, the red, green and yellow daubs, the woody or organic patches all make this a remarkable gemstone.

It was considered very rare and precious in ancient times but was probably confused with other gemstones including jade, nephrite and carnelian. Nowadays we can define it a bit easier with scientific support (although it's still a difficult customer) and with Jasper's discoveries around the world it's pretty affordable yet no less stunning.

The colours you would most see on jasper stones would be earthy colours including:

  • red
  • brown
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green

although it is also likely to get it in other colours such as purple or even blue.

Powers of the Jasper Gemstone

Jasper is a type of Chalcedony quartz with mineral impurities of up to 20 per cent, so understanding its spiritual influence isn't quite so easy and each gemstone will have its own unique strengths.

Jasper is a gemstone of relaxation and tranquillity so those with rather busy lives or professions will benefit from an hour or two with one as part of meditation or just to keep when sleeping-it will clear your mind of its pressures and revitalize you.

The link between mental well-being and physical well-being is well known, and the ability of jasper to make one feel healthy and emotionally stable will also turn into a healthy body.

Its normal link is with internal organs, in particular rejuvenating rotting liver, spleen and kidney tissue. It is possible to relieve stomach and digestive problems including heartburn and acid reflux, as well as urinary tract infections.


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