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Best Types of Islamic Beads You Should Know

Beads connote various meanings not only in Islam but also other religions. They have always been known to have different spiritual implications over the years. There have been series of debates amongst most islamites about the best beads. In case you happen to be one of such persons, ensure to read the details of this post. This is because it will be revealing the best types of Islamic beads that you need to know.

Tesbih beads
Tesbih beads are used during Islamic prayers. They can also be called Misbaha and usually contain 100 beads. Each of these beads are used to represent the names of God according to Islamic religion. Traditionally, they are used in keeping count while the prayer is being said. 33 beads act as subḥāna -llahi (Glorified God) repetitions, another 33 beads act as al-ḥamdu lillāhi (Glorified God) repetitions. The remaining 34 act as allāhu ʾakbaru (God is the greatest of all).

Zultanite beads
Zultanite beads are becoming increasingly popular amongst islamites around the world. It is a very rare and transparent gemstone. Its color has been known to vary from cognac, pink, red to yellow. It is important to point out that that due the special nature of these beads, they are also used in other religions. Most people refer to them as holy beads.

You will have to ensure caution is exercised while trying to purchase Zultanite beads. This is because it has lots of fake beads both online/offline. One way to find out whether yours is real is checking its color changing features as mentioned above. Also, ensure to check the reputation of a seller before buying.

Faturan beads
Faturan beads are just like the ones mentioned above. They are used during prayers with each beads having different meanings. The history of this material can be traced to a chemist known as Faturan. It was produced through a combination of turpentine, colophony, frankincense, and mastika. There are very few stores where you can get this original formulae at the moment though.

The Middle East is where it was invented between 18th and 19th century. Its original carvers were mainly known to reside in turkey. Although there have been different types of Faturan, damar has been the most popular.

Bakelite amber beads
Bakelite amber prayer beads are usually known for their heavy weight. These beads are usually considered to be very special in lots of regards. The best part is that you can wear them to anywhere, at any time and with anything. They are usually available in different length, shapes and sizes.

The colors of Bakelite amber beads don’t just vary but are also eye-catching. It should be noted that these aren’t only used as prayer beads in the Muslim community. Rather, they can be used by people from different religious backgrounds and beliefs.

Final thoughts
The above beads are the most popular amongst islamites all over the world. It is very important you buy from a reputable dealer in order to experience their benefits firsthand.
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