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Confessions of a man stealing jewellery containing ashes from funeral home!

"Scum" takes ash filled jewellery

A FUNERAL parlor owner posted tragic pictures describing the mess caused by "scum" who broke in and stole jewels packed with ashes from her mother. Last Wednesday night the "disgusting" burglary happened from C&A Funeral Services in Prestonpans, East Lothian.

Owner Christine Simmonte claims the robbers took various items including a laptop and jewelry containing remains of her mother. The pictures demonstrate how the room was totally ransacked, with absolutely destroyed cabinets.

jewelleryRecords and crates strewn the base of the parlour.

The jewelry set, carrying necklaces featuring the mother of Christine, is pictured completely bare ashes.

Yesterday, 56-year-old Christine shared the pictures on social media, posting them with the caption: "I'd like to express how disappointed I am with the low life scum who wanted to break into a funeral parlor.

“For one we do not keep any cash on the premises."

“I hope you can sleep at night knowing that you have stolen jewellery that has my deceased Mum’s ashes in."

“It is of no value to you but sentimental value to me."


“I am a local person who looks after the deceased but one day you low life scum will need the services of a funeral director and I hope you all rot in hell.”

Christine carried on: “You are really taking this lock down as an opportunity to target working class folks."

“You need to go and get a bloody job you low life fec***g scum and I hope one day I have the pleasure to put you bloody down because you will certainly not get the respect of me."

“Please if anyone offers you a Dell laptop or any of the jewellery in one on the photos please do not accept it. Let myself or the police know."

“Never in my life would I have thought a funeral home would be targeted by scum."

“By the way you scum bags are more than welcome to come back and get the coffin with your name on it!”"

Christine's post left Facebook users in utter shock, who are now unable to believe what they saw.

Marjory Myles said: “So sorry Christine. Hope they get people responsible and you get your precious things back.”

Kysha Duncan posted: “WOW. I’m absolutely gobsmacked there are no words to describe these rats WHY. Hope you’re all okay.”

Aimee Davies said: “Awful can’t believe someone would be low enough to do this. Hope the items get found. So sorry this happened to you there’s nasty evil people in this world.”

Speaking today, Christine said: “I am furious, however it could have been a lot worse. They could have stolen everything."

“I can’t believe it, they stole all the jewellery. I had my mum’s ashes in some of the  jewellery.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland today said: “Police Scotland is appealing for witnesses following a break-in at a funeral home in Port Seton in East Lothian."

“Entry was forced to the premises on Links Road sometime between 12pm on Wednesday, 25 March and 1pm on Thursday, 26 March."

“A number of items were stolen including computer equipment and items of jewellery.”

Detective Constable Steven Stewart, of Dalkeith CID, said: “Behaviour of this kind is deplorable and we are carrying out extensive enquiries to identify those responsible."
“I would urge anyone in the community who may have seen any suspicious activity around the area to let us know as soon as possible."


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