Unique Model, Hand Designed Prayer Bead, Tesbih Made From Genuine Camel Bone UK-299H

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Here we and an amazing piece by our talented LRV Master, 

Prayer Bead, Tesbih made from 100% Genuine Camel Bone,

This piece was carefully and delicately not just Hand Crafted but also designed to be a unique model.

Each bead has been Hand designed with Genuine Brass with the complimentary of the beauty blue finishing of with the gorgeous blue string.  

This is an absolute work of art.

Good for relief of stress and prevents bad habits. 



Beads Material: Camel Bone

Inlaid Material: Genuine Brass

Beads Count: 33

Beads Size: 7 mm x 7 mm

Total Length 2127 cm

Weight: 17.00 grams